Person in Charge (PIC) Assessment

The OIM/PIC Controlling Emergencies Assessment programme is designed for personnel who are about to be appointed to OIM/PIC, already serving as an OIM/PIC or deputy position. The aim of the OIM/PIC Controlling Emergencies Assessment programme is to assess delegate’s demonstrated performance as the OIM/PIC using direct observation as a method of assessment against a written industry international recognized standard under simulated conditions delivered by either centre, remote or virtual method.

A formal declaration from the delegate employer duty holder/manager confirming the delegate has achieved the performance criteria in the workplace, satisfied the core essential knowledge and asset type knowledge requirements and has been deemed ready for formal assessment against demonstrated criteria.

To cover threat to life, environment and assets based on the following incident selection: Well Control, explosion/fire, hydrocarbon or toxic gas release, accommodation fire, helicopter, pipeline, collision or wave damage causing structural collapse, loss of stability (for mobile assets only), foundation failure (for jack-ups): to include evacuation, abandonment, injured, missing personnel, loss of communication/muster/assembly points, extreme weather, environmental, loss of essential facilities, personnel and rapidly developing situation.

Individuals who have been deemed ready by their employer duty holder/manager to be formally assessed in the designated role of Person-in-Charge during an emergency. In order to ensure criteria of the standard is met each delegate will receive 3 scenarios with a Competent or Not Yet Competent outcome obtained by direct observation against the standard. The assessment recorded procedure to include the opportunity for the delegate to explain or justify the reasons and actions for their decisions.

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