Personal & Professional Assessment (PPA) in India

The purpose of this evaluation is to assess readiness for the next career step regarding various areas related to leadership such as: overview and concentration, stress coping, accountability, leadership potential, personal integrity and involvement. During two days assessment participants go through a row of exercises and personality tests, evaluating how they live up to the standards, required for a Maersk Marine Leader.

Tests and evaluation are done by professional psychologists. An important part of the assessment is individual feedback sessions with participants where all evaluated areas are discussed and participants get a chance to spar with psychologists regarding their individual needs.

Participants should be prepared to focus 100% during tests and activities since it is essential that test results are as optimal as possible. Psychologists who lead the assessment are experienced within maritime environment so individual feedback sessions give participants a unique possibility to ask any questions they might have regarding their leadership development as Maersk Marine Leader. The assessment and personality tests are done in English.

Personal interviews, action plan, own perceptions of development

  • Personal and professional evaluation
  • Evaluation of leadership potentials
  • Evaluation of readiness to possess Captain's or Chief Engineer's position

To have gained knowledge about:

  • Own readiness for promotion
  • Reasons for own readiness for promotion
  • Standards, required for a Maersk Marine Leader

To be able to:

  • Understand why he / she is ready / not ready for the Captain's or Chief Engineer's position
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