Personal Stress Management – Siemens

This course is stress preventive NOT a stress treatment. For more than 15 years, stress has been a buzzword and there have been massive focus on stress, people being stressed and sick leaves due to stress. Nevertheless many people still experience stress every day. A part of them so severe that they cannot return to the labour market. More:

Many of these cases are due to ignorance about their own personal symptoms, personal limitations and understanding of when to act before it’s too late. This course gives you the knowledge and insight to spot any signs as early as possible.

All employees and managers who want to have a greater insight and understanding of how stress affects their daily lives as well as solutions to what they can do to prevent stress.

In this course we work with the following:

  • What is stress and where does it come from?
  • What are your personal stress signals?
  • Are you stressed out or busy?
  • Do zebras get stress?
  • What is your personal best way to prevent stress?
  • How can you be even more resilient?
  • What does your Personal Stress Profile look like?
  • When and how should YOU act before it is too late?
  • Your personal action plan!

After this course you will have gained a clear understanding of what stress is, where it comes from, what your own personal stress symptoms are and what you should be aware of.

You will also have developed a Personal Stress Profile, which will help you to prevent stress in your everyday life. The course is built around the V.I.V.A.-model and all tools are specific actions that can help YOU here and now.

You can expect to be actively involved, to take home some specific tools that gives you a greater insight and understanding of the cause and the solution to your particular stress situation and how to avoid getting into a definite state of stress.

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