Ready to Change

The purpose of this course/workshop is to equip the participants with the knowledge and tangible techniques to increase the chance of successfully delivering on personal & professional change goals/commitments.

The participants will understand barriers and obstacles preventing people in general & themselves in particular from achieving success.

The course/workshop will be highly involving and shift between deep insights, theories and application on own personal and professional ambitions and/or challenges.

Have you ever set a goal, personal or professional, that seemed really important, but never succeeded? Do you experience yourself, colleagues, teams or even organizations that are unable to change regardless of how much/important it seems. Then there is hope. We build from the most effective theory and practice and work highly interactive to equip you with a plan/approach to beat the odds on your personal/professional commitments.

The target group for this course/workshop, are leaders and employees, who wish to develop personal competences that will enable them to speed up change, and overcome obstacles of change in in the professional life.

  • Introduction to personal motivation through the CAR model (Competence, Autonomy, Relatedness)
  • CAR model applied for the participant.
  • Introduction to change and difficulty to fulfill set goals often interpreted as “resistance to change”.
  • Identification of participant goals/commitments.
  • Part 1: 2½ hour interactive process.
    • 4 Steps of the change process
    • Shift between class, peer coaching, reflection
  • Part 2: Change oriented behavior.
  • Desire or fear based change.
  • Personal plans (what will I do different tomorrow)

Upon completion of the course, the participants will:

  • Understand own personal motivation.
  • Understand the meaning of change and how typical change is hindered/challenged in individual/team processes.
  • Know how to apply two different tools to unlock/overcome change obstacles.
  • Have deep insight in own change challenge and a “plug & play” plan for how to work to succeed with own goal/commitment.
  • Be able to apply and adjust own personal/professional approach to change/goal achievement.
  • Be able to act as change agent with own team/organisation.

The focus will be on individual training within a workshop environment with two different but effective approaches. The facilitator will guide participants through an interesting and giving process of being ready to change and later the CAR process. The facilitator will introduce steps and participants will use peer talks to use/apply techniques very actively. It is important that participants are prepared to be involved and talk about current change challenges that they are wrestling in their work environment.

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