Rigger Refresher e-learning in Norwegian

Skilled and competent riggers are key to prevent accidents and ensure rigging operations are conducted safe and efficient.

This course will refresh and update the fundamental knowledge elements required to perform Rigging Operations safely and according to Norwegian standards, regulations & lifting equipment limitations.


  • Introduction
  • Rules and regulations governing rigging operations
  • Lifting team, roles and responsibilities
  • Fastening and anchor points
  • Rigging accessories
  • Handling loads
  • Rigging best practice

The course is written with reference to the NORSOK (Norsk Sokkels Konkuranseposisjon) standards, primarily R-002:2017 (lifting equipment) and R-003:2017 (Safe use of lifting equipment).


Upon completion the course you will have demonstrated your knowledge within:

  • The relevant & revised standards applicable for offshore riggers
    • The Definitions relevant to rigging operations as laid out in Norsok R-003: 2017
    • Requirements for Lifting Equipment as defined in Norsok R-002: 2017
  • Permanent & Temporary anchor points.
    • Norsok R-003: 2017 Approval of attachment points.(Section 8.3 - Table 3)
    • Certification of permanent lifting points
    • Limitations for permanent lifting points & lifting points on components to be lifted.
  • Lifting team roles and responsibilities.
    • Planning requirements Norsok R-003:2017 Section 8.1
  • Rigging accessories.
    • Lifting clamps, beam clamps, eagle clamps. The associated marking and pre & post use controls.
    • Chain hoists according to EN 13157 & manufacturers user manuals.
  • Rigging best practice
    • Avoidance of overloads due to incorrect planning.
    • Avoidance of equipment damage due to incorrect slinging
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