Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Refill Training


H2S, or Hydrogen Sulphide, constitutes a serious danger to human lives. Working in an environment exposed to the risk of the poisonous gas H2S, requires constant awareness. Our H2S course is especially designed to provide participants with key competencies in identifying and managing H2S hazards in the workplace. H2S is colorless, highly flammable and a highly toxic gas, which is a common by-product found in many different industries. Accumulating in low lying areas, it may go unnoticed. In high doses, one breath can kill instantly. Through a combination of classroom theory and practical exercises, our participants will gain the necessary knowledge in order to behave correctly in a H2S environment including the safe use of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus.

The SCBA course is designed to familiarise delegates with the components, pre-use tests, operation and maintenance of self- contained breathing apparatus

• Injury Free
• Medically Fit
• Able to perform manual handling
After completing the training, the participants will have to complete a theoretical and Practical test.

The delegates will:
• Understand SCBA regulations
• understand Respiration
• understand inhalation and exhalation
• understand what makes atmosphere irrespirable
• understand the symptoms of exposure.
• understand the respiratory equipment
• understand the working concept of SCBA
• understand the components that make up the pneumatic assembly
• understand the use of the facemask
• understand the way SCBA is maintained and taken care of.
• understand the use of SCBA
• understand the different types of respiratory protection equipment

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