Shelf Drilling Crane Operator Competency Assessment

Theoretical, Practical and Oral assessment to be completed offshore/On-site as follows:

  • Understanding of the crane operator’s responsibilities under LOLER, BS7121-1 and BS7121-11 regulations and as per shelf crane Operation Manual.
  • Written exam consisting of 75 questions in categories and pass bar at 80%
  • Practical exam consisting of several lifts ‘to and from’ supply vessel as well as onboard lifts, oral questions in different categories as per Shelf drilling requirements.
Oral questions on:
  • Regulations and Safe Systems of Work
  • Checks to be undertaken on the Crane
  • Undertaking Crane Lifting Operations
  • Correct response to Crane Malfunctions and Alarms (Practical assessment only)

Through the calibre of response, the assessor can identify any areas of weakness in the operator’s knowledge of the equipment, safety systems or company operating procedures.

When the delegate passes the theoretical and practical exam, the delegate will be competent in carrying out all lift unsupervised and will achieve COCA Assessment.
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