Ship Handling for Stingray Vessels

The purpose of the course is to give course participants knowledge of manoeuvring with Stingray vessels in theory and practice in simulators.

The content of the course is:

  • General refresher of forces acting on the vessel (Theory will be part of debriefing and theory sessions only included if required)
    • External forces (wind, waves, current)
    • Internal forces (thrusters)
    • Squat, bank effect, interaction and shallow water effects
  • Practical exercises in simulator
    • Manoeuvring Exercises using simulator model of Stingray vessel
    • In and out of ports and in complicated palces

Stingray Vessel:

  • Knowledge of vessel thruster layout and the ability to describe its practical use during port, shallow water and open water manoeuvring
  • Understanding of the theory behind manoeuvring with Stingray vessel and the ability to relate the theory to practical exercises
  • Practiced manoeuvring with azimuth thrusters in port, shallow waters and open water locations
  • Demonstrated understanding of manoeuvring with stingray vessels strong powed thrusters in the simulator during exercises designed for testing manoeuvre methods. The manoeuvres includes turning and stopping under various weather and current conditions


  • Understanding of forces acting on the vessel and the ability to describe the various forces acting on the vessel as well as to recognise the influence the on vessel behaviour
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