Stress Management for Managers

This course is stress preventive, NOT a stress treatment.

Poor leadership is proven to be one of the biggest causes of stress among employees and teams. This course is intended to give managers further knowledge and information about the causes and avoidance of stress in the team and possible steps to avoid stress among employees. More:

Employees have a responsibility to look after their own health and safety at work, and to draw problems to the attention of their managers, at an early stage. However, managers should also be alert for signs of stress amongst their staff.

We will demonstrate the main stressors within a range of areas and identity positive and negative management behaviours, which could influence these stressors - and give solutions of how to handle them.

All managers who want to have a greater insight and understanding of how stress affects their employees as well as how they as a manager affect their team.

In this course we will work with the following:

  • How can you recognize signs of stress in your team?
  • What are the common causes of workplace stress?
  • What triggers stress and which management behaviours impact this?
  • The four levels of stress management.
  • Dealing with individual cases of stress.
  • Principles of good management to prevent stress.
  • What should YOU as a manager do to act before it is too late?
  • Your personal action plans!

In connection to this course, it would be beneficial to participate on the Personal Stress Management course, since the two courses complement each other.

After this course you will have gained insight and an understanding of what stress is and be able to identify the common risk factors for stress in your employees. Your role as a manager and how YOU and your management decisions affect your employees will also be known.

You will learn how to support your employees if they experience stress.

You will receive tools to identify, evaluate and act if your employees experience stress. These tools are easy to implement directly in your daily routine as a manager and thereby prevent stress in the team.

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