Task Risk Assessment (TRA) e-learning

This e-learning course provides learners with an overview of the task risk assessment process, based on industry best practice and guidelines. This course contains two modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Task Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification
Module 2: Task Risk Assessment Process

LO1 Describe key terminology
LO2 Describe the purpose of the task risk assessment process
LO3 Describe the responsibilities of employers in relation to task risk assessment
LO4 Identify the responsibilities of employees in relation to task risk assessment
LO5 Describe the steps involved in the risk assessment process
LO6 Identify the responsibilities of the Risk Assessment Team
LO7 Describe the risk assessment documentation requirements
LO8 Identify the risk assessment requirements for specific cases
LO9 Recognise the importance of hazard identification
LO10 Describe the energy sources used to help identify hazards
LO11 Identify common hazards in high-risk industries
LO12 Describe the hazards associated with SIMOPs
LO13 Define ‘personal safety’ or occupational hazards
LO14 Describe major accident hazards
LO15 Describe human factors in relation to hazards
LO16 Identify the key factors to consider when identifying hazards
LO17 Explain how to determine initial risk
LO18 Explain the use of the risk matrix
LO19 Explain the requirement for control measures and describe the hierarchy of controls
LO20 Explain how to determine residual risk
LO21 Describe the requirement for task risk assessment review and approval
LO22 Explain the importance of toolbox talks and agreeing the task risk assessment
LO23 Explain the importance of dynamic risk assessment
LO24 Describe the concept of situational awareness
LO25 Explain the importance of stopping the job
LO26 Explain the importance of review and lessons learned upon completion of the work

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