TotalEnergies Mechanical Isolation Hands-on Training

To ensure that the delegate understand the procedural requirements behind safe isolation and reinstate of the process plant, have the skills and abilities to carry out isolations on real plants, and enforce procedural discipline and reduce human error by working with the mindset and behaviour.

The course is hands on and practical by nature, and integrates company rules, procedures, and guidelines in TotalEnergies TEPDK, with best practice and cases.

The training is mandatory to become Mechanical Isolation Authority.

  • Introduction to relevant best practice by example and the following procedure will be used for the course:
    • Method statement
    • Task Risk Assessment
    • Permit to work
    • Electrical Isolation and Work Procedure
    • Mechanical and Process Isolation
    • Tightness test and purging procedure
    • Management of inhibitions and overrides
    • Management of locked valves
  • Human factor related to working with process safety and isolations
  • Good communication related to Work instructions, Permit to Work and Tool Box Talk
  • Planning isolation & de-isolations executing the related Tool Box Talk and isolation
  • Setting the isolation
  • Remove the isolation (de-isolation)
  • Personnel isolation

The course is a combination of theoretical sessions, discussions, work in the classroom and practical execution on the process plant. Theory/practical ratio of 30/70.

After the course the participants will:

  • Be able to understand and apply following procedures: Mechanical and process isolation, Management of locked valves, Tightness test and purging.
  • Have basic knowledge of Hot work and Noise and vibration procedures
  • Have understanding of a good isolation/de-isolation plan instructions – step by step
  • Be able to make isolation/de-isolation plans
  • Be able to conduct an isolation Tool Box Talk
  • Be able to set and remove isolations
  • Have understanding of management of inhibitions and overrides
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