Upward Feedback

The purpose of the Upward Feedback session is to provide the individual manager with an insight into his or her leadership behaviour seen from the perspective of the team. The Upward Feedback thereby serves to create, establish and evolve a culture of trust and dialog based on candid and constructive interaction with each other.

Upward feedback is aimed at managers with people management responsibilities, and the session is recommended to be requested every two years, and in situations with interpersonal/team conflicts, new team composition or similar situations.

  • The Upward Feedback is an instrument for feedback and learning that is intended to help optimize the manager's performance in terms of promoting teamwork and providing leadership.
  • The session gives the manager the opportunity to get feedback on how his/her employees perceive his/her leadership behaviour and where they see potential for improvement.
  • The session affords an opportunity for optimizing leadership behaviour and at the same time promoting cooperation within the team.


  • Booking: Maersk Training confirms reception of booking, and a facilitator will contact the requestor to agree on time for a Skype pre-meeting.
  • Pre-meeting. The requestor and the facilitator conducts a Skype pre-meeting to discuss the details of the Upward Feedback session.
  • Upward Feedback session. The Upward Feedback session is conducted at the time and place agreed.
  • Follow-up session. The manager conducts a follow-up session with his/her team, about 3 months after the Upward Feedback session.

The Manager will after the session be able to identify several personal behavioral performance goals, which are identified and agreed with the team.

The Upward Feedback session will be facilitated by a professional and neutral facilitator who will guide the participants, and moderate the process.

The method will consist of an introduction on how to provide constructive feedback, a self-assessment by the manager, and an assessment of the manager by the team.

*The price is excluding applicable VAT.