WW-MR-I-ELLSCCBOT Engineers Lessons Learned Simulator incl. CBOT


This module introduces the fundamentals of power generation, distribution, and the control and safety systems within an 11kV power plant. Knowledge of the various power types, and the different load demands on the power plant and how they impact operations are discussed. Additionally, the module will cover advanced PMS functions found on modern DP drilling units. The concept of redundancy and how it applies to company policy will also be discussed. Examples of human error and equipment failures that have occurred are covered to provide context for the rules and regulations that are in place. To:

Refresh the participants knowledge of:

  • The basic working principles of the 11 kv power plant and fundamental functions of the power management system.
  • How potential failure modes in these systems occur and ways they can be identified and mitigated.
  • The working principles and purpose of various safety systems and automation in place to mitigate certain failure modes.
  • The DP class requirements, vessel design intent and redundancy concept and how the company expects them to be implemented during operations.
  • Lessons learned from fleet.

To enhance the participants:

  • Ability to identify potential failure modes based on observedsymptoms and indications and applyappropriatemitigating actions.
  • Confidence in automatedsafety systems
  • Ability to monitor and confirmautomated actions whensuch systems handle criticalfailures.
  • Ability to operate the system within the vessel redundancy requirements, relating to defined DP class and associated operational documentation.

The course consists of theoretical sessions and discussions in the classroom, combined with practical simulator exercises.


Internal Transocean session based on DeepWater Pontus case – What actually happened and what steps has been taken following the investigation.

A separate session but incorporated into ELLS.

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