eSea 28 – Revolving Revolution

eSea 28 is about advanced simulations, wind turbines turning clockwise and job change.


Taking Off Safely Landing Safer

In the cockpit there is skill, not fear, communication, not confusion. So how do they do it? People skills chief instructor Morten Kaiser and psychologist Frank L. Nielsen flew to Gatwick.

Tonnes of Training

Oleg Strashnov is a massive crane ship with a central job at Race Bank, a 91 turbine wind farm currently under construction off the east coast of England.

Putting Out The Catastrophes

There are four words with the potential to turn an incident into a disaster –‘what do we do?’.

The ‘Opposite’ Way

Wind turbines, to some they are a pleasure, to others a blight on the horizon. Have you ever noticed that they all rotate clockwise? Have you ever wondered why?

Highlights to High Heights

In the macho world of wind turbine engineers, it appear­ed there wasn’t a space for Michael Anderson largely because of the job he’d left behind.

Pinned to the Mast

Apple launched their first personal computer. Elvis Presley sang in Indianapolis, the last performance of his career. A 18 year old boy from northern Copenhagen got on a passenger plane for the first time.


If you were to run a start-up travel company and you organised almost eleven thousand ‘holidays’ every year without any major complaints from the clients, you could have every reason to be pleased.

Blue Tomatoes

He looked down, his new shoes were smart and seemed OK. But then they would to him; deuteranopia has him living permanently in a world of restricted variation, of little colour.

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