eSea 32 - Yes it does

Sixty of the Most Precious Minutes of Two Lives >

Twenty years after he learnt something, Morten finds himself in the right place at the right time.

Simulatorsfor the sick & simulators that make you sick >

Hospital team gets hands-on experience of a very different type of simulation.

The Wind Era >

In terms of power, the #1 spot has seen steam, gas, coal, oiland nuclear. Can wind ever have its day?

The New Trade Winds >

Accreditation to conduct Global Wind Organisation courses by Maersk Training centres in Rio de Janeiro and Chennai puts a huge chunk ofthe world into the frame.

Island of Power and potatoes >

One of the proposed futuristic ideas about the positioning of wind turbines is to build an island of power. They already have one, it is called Samsø.

West Wind >

There’s a new breed of cow-boys out there in the westernplains of Texas. They don’t look for strays and mustangs, they have a toolbox instead of a lasso, and a TV instead of a horse.

Waiting for the Wave of Change >

The North American wind industry is large and will be huge – the map of the states that have near perfect conditions looks like a map of the Civil War, the North winning, the Old South being virtually barren of turbines..

Let’s get physical >

New hands-on equipment mimics real life, simulators create the greater picture and participants do the rest.

Around the World in 80 Ways >

’There are places I’d like to go back to, Morocco, China,the Philippines, but given the choice of returning or traveling somewhere new, I’d always go for the new experience”.

Rocket Man >

Kim Thomsen turned down an apprenticeship at thelocal electricians to go tosea. Instead of changing Mrs Hansen’s 25 kroner light socket, within a couple of years he was pushing the launch buttons for missiles at 1.2 million USD a shot.

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