Poor people skills increases the risk of poor performance and major incidents

Putting technically skillful people together to simulate a challenging operational environment gives them a unique opportunity to exercise their situational awareness, decisionmaking, communication and working together.

Maersk Training’s Advanced Immersive Simulations prepares the operational drilling teams, operator teams and contractor teams for a well drilling operation. Through tailor-made training you test and align procedures, minimise operational risks and enhance performance between teams working together. The scope is to get a safer, smoother and more effective operation, in order to save time and reduce costs.

Are your personnel sufficiently prepared?

Most often it is a chain reaction of poor communication, poor decision-making and lack of situational awareness that leads to major incidents. A main reason is that a lot of personnel never had an incident or challenging situation throughout their entire career, and when an incident suddenly occurs they are not prepared. Try asking yourself these simple questions: Can I expect personnel to respond correctly to a challenging situation they have never encountered or trained for? How big is the risk that situation like that could spin out of control because of poor people skills?

In Maersk Training immersive simulations your personnel will have that challenging situation and they will feel the pressure! They will have go through the procedures and their checklist, and they will communicate under great pressure. They will learn how to handle the dynamic tension between people and they will build the confidence to handle critical situations: ”I know what is happening. I know how to handle this situation. I made a mistake in the simulator, but I will not make the same mistake here in operations.”

The simulation setup

We develop the simulation setup to test all aspects of the actual drilling programme for a specific well or well section. We upload all relevant engineering data from a specific well into our drilling simulators and look at the potential problems that specific well may offer. We create schedules, simulation scenarios and technical details to fit the needs of both operator and contractor, with strong focus on aligning procedures and bridging documents during the planning phase of the activities. This allows us to simulate well specific incidents and test procedures in a safe environment, by creating random emergencies such as loss of power, high seas, bad weather, fuel contamination in addition to the anomalies that can happen down the hole.

50 people from 22 countries turned into one team. The value of training complete vessel or oil-rig crews at the same time, in virtual reality, is extensive. Through linking cross-functional and cross-cultural teams together in an Advanced Immersive Simulation, companies can practice, assess, and improve procedures and people.

What can we offer?

  • Minimise operational risk by testing drilling programme well specific procedures in a safe environment
  • Increased productivity because of strong, teambased performance culture
  • Potentially substantial cost savings
  • Key personnel will have a solid understanding of the drilling programme and the operation
  • Key personnel will be familiar with complicated areas of the drilling programme
  • Training under pressure will improve crews decisionmaking, communication skills and situational awareness
  • Learners become actively aware of consequences of their decisions, mistakes and successes
  • Shared understanding of operational decision making in critical situations
  • Increased understanding, acceptance and retention of processes and procedures
  • Learners will gain the confidence to handle critical situations
  • Enhancing procedural discipline for the entire drilling operation
  • Clarification of unclear procedures\/objectives from the drilling program authors.
  • Bridging documents will be tested and potential gaps may be identified and corrected in due time
  • Stronger perception and understanding of the procedures by drill crew
  • Increased ownership of drilling program by drill crew
  • Working together prior to drilling the actual well will build trust between operator and contractor personnel
  • Mutual recognition of competencies and increased teamwork
  • Simulations are shown to decrease training time across all industries (aerospace, healthcare, mining, etc.).
  • Immersive simulations improves the learning retention and increase muscle memory

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