First Class Equipment

Maersk H2S Safety Services has an outstanding reputation for operating worldwide, providing first-class equipment. When dealing with safety the quality and reliability of your equipment can never be compromised. As a provider of detection and protection equipment, our equipment is a lifesaving measure on-board an oil and gas installation.

Tailored Solutions

As a global provider of safety services our systems are built for all kind of operations, even when working in harsh environments. Our equipment packages are tailored to the specific requirements of our client and job specific considerations are always taken. To identify your specific needs we offer to conduct a survey on-board your installation, where a detailed report will be conducted and our recommendations included.

On-site Maintenance

Our reputation is built on many years of experience and utilisation of first-class equipment and by ensuring that all personnel are fully educated to operate, inspect and maintain the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.

Each system is equipped with a computerised maintenance and Rig Reporting System for daily operations and will be equipped with constant data logging of all the stationary detection system sensors, in order to provide the clients with generated records of all measured concentrations at the location.

Air Bank System

Gas Protection

Gas Detection

Test & Maintenance

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