We detect the most common toxic gasses encountered in the oil and gas industry, including H2S, SO2, CO, CO2 and CH4.

When operating in toxic gas environments, detection equipment is a necessary precaution. Gas detection should be worn by all crew members on-board an installation, since it will give the worker a warning when a toxic gas occurs. This warning will be given even at low concentration, enabling the worker to put on protection equipment or leave the area, before the gas concentration reaches a dangerous or even deadly level.

The gas detectors can be divided in 4 different types:

  • Fixed Gas Detection cable or wireless
  • Area Gas Detection
  • Portable Multi-gas Detectors
  • Portable Single-gas Detectors

In operations involving very high concentrations of gas, or when operating in harsh environment with a very low oxygen level, gas sampling pumps with tubes for a wide range of gasses could be used.


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