Maersk H2S in Australia provides protection against H2S and other gases encountered in the oil and gas industry. Our trademark, which is first-class personnel, first-class equipment and first-class service will never be compromised when operating in the Australian desert environments, characterized by a rough terrain in an isolated country.


Our Australian subsidiary comprises of our office and a workshop located in Sale, Victoria. The equipment is mobilized from the head office workshop, but to always ensure a short mobilization time, the equipment is stored and maintained by our local technicans.

Desert Operations

To reach our clients in the Australian desert we travel up to 2000 km, using special build trailer systems to get the equipment through the rough terrain. Even in the Australian desert we ensure prompt attention to our client´s needs. As we never compromise when dealing with safety, our local supervisors have been through a special training program tailored to ensure they are fully capable of providing first-class service in these challenging environments.

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Maersk H2S Safety Services Australia Pty. Ltd. 
143 Patten Street
3850 Sale, Victoria
Phone: +61 3 5143 3552
Business No.: 76 080 772 934

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