OPITO has approved Maersk Training to run Basic H2S Training in the United Kingdom with the support of Maersk H2S Safety Services.

H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide) is a gas created by natural biological processes or human activity and poses a severe threat to people or assets because of its highly toxic and corrosive properties.

OPITO Basic H2S Training is required for personnel that are or could be, working in an environment with potential exposure to H2S gas and ensures their competence in emergency response practices. The course covers the characteristics of Hydrogen Sulphide gas and the possible physiological effects of exposure, and the use of H2S detection equipment and escape breathing apparatus.

Maersk H2S Safety Services supports Maersk Training (UK) by providing the essential equipment needed for the course. Maersk H2S Safety Services has an outstanding reputation for operating worldwide, providing first-class H2S gas safety equipment and gas detectors.

Callum Dewar, Head of UK Operations, said: “With the addition of the OPITO approved Basic H2S Training, we are now able to meet the needs of our customers a little closer at the same time as providing more bespoke H2S training services such as H2S awareness with BA input.

“These courses give participants the knowledge and understanding of the particular hazards and properties of H2S, and appropriate emergency response actions to take should an H2S related incident arise.”

Douglas Sever-Smith, Sales Manager, Maersk H2S Safety Services, said: “As a provider of detection and protection equipment, our gas safety equipment is a lifesaving measure onboard an oil and gas installation. We are confident that this synergy will provide the best learning experience for the participants.”

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